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2013-08-13,One plug fits two
How often have you not opened a packaging only two find 2 different supply leads in it. One for the UK market fitted with a BS 1363 plug and one with a side-earth contact version, so called Shuko plug, suitable for most of the countries on the European continent. What do you do with the excess lead? You throw it away. Why did the manufacturer provided you with this opportunity to waste resources? Because it saved him the cost of logistics. It allowed him to create one entity, one article number, suitable for distribution to a larger number of countries without running into regulatory issues. This now can be stopped with the unique One2Plug. This plug can be converted from BS into Shuko style again and again and has all the approvals. Variations are available for earth and non-earth versions and combinations between other plugs are being developed. Consider US to Shuko for example.

Asia-XL and it's partners have been closely involved in the long process of the design of the product, the approval of the product and now in bringing the product to market. For more information contact us via info@asia-xl.com

Have a look at www.one2plug.com to learn more.


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